Romualdo Signori: reworking light from lamps to blindness

We arrived at Mr Romualdo trough another artisan that advised us to meet him, since he was one of the last in the neighborhood. His shop, a workshop for lights, is open since 1971. He repairs and creates lamps in true 50’s style, since he was 14. Going down the workshop’s staircase we are surrounded by lamps hanging from the ceiling and standing in every corner. We discover a 75 year old man with a vivid smile and merry spirit. A person full opt ideas, not only concerning his job but also as a baseball trainer. Infact, even though he never played this sport, he learned to coach leaving accidentally his workshop in between days. In 2008 he created a team “Roma All Blinds” that won the Coppa Italia and last year the Coppa Europa against Germany and France. Consisting of blind players. Incredible! Bringing light into their lives.           DSC_0030 DSC_0039 roman beings 13 aprile 2015 (33)roman beings 13 aprile 2015 (18)DSC_0050 DSC_0059 Continua a leggere Romualdo Signori: reworking light from lamps to blindness